Bodger: (noun) person who dwells in woods;

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Pins and needles

Late post about last week's efforts.

I went out Wednesday for a run along river to Sonning and back via roads.  7.89 km, 52.54 mins. My right foot kept getting pins and needles, hence the relatively slow pace. I carried my pack, but there was not much in it. Useful training nonetheless.

On Thursday I went for an almost figure 8 route around the river, but back via the river. Crap time due to pins and needles in right foot again, a recurrence of Wednesday's problem. Odd, I need to fix that. route is just over 5km, no idea of the time.

Saturday I went to Bracknell to look at some of their green spaces in preparation for an interview this coming Friday.  Quite nice places and the day was a nice one for a wander around.

On Sunday the wife and I went for a walk to Henley and back. We went cross country along various footpaths. A lot of pavement and road walking at the beginning, but once you leave Caversham there is some really pretty countryside.  We came back via the Thames Path. Total distance 25 km, so a pretty reasonable day out.  I can;t remember the times exactly, but we left at 0850 and got back by about 1415, so 5.5 hours?

Monday, 25 February 2013

Half term, half arsed

Half term this week so lots of visiting family.  Managed one walk on Thursday around the river and canal (same as last Sunday), about 10 miles, plus a day of walking in the Forest of Dean with my folks, again about 10 miles on Sunday.  That was a lovely route, some really nice woodland and the discovery of a biking centre that the wife suggested we visit another time! Can't wait for that.

Also, booked in for Saunders this year, so I need to get going properly with my training so I don't embarass myself come the event.

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Hiding in the woods

An interesting week with a mix of different activities. The weather has been pretty varied to match!

I went out and did the figure 8 route from last week in 33.07 mins. TherRoute is 5.81 km as mapped on MapMyRun. Not bad. I honestly though this would be about 4.5 km and I would be slow. But that isn't too bad at all.

I dragged my self out for a run in the snow.  It wasn't too bad as I decided to wear my waterproof.  Water level on the Thames was pretty high again, meaning I had to skirt across some fields at one point to avoid the flooded path.  I forgot to take my watch with me so I have no idea how long I was out, but must have been around half an hour.  I haven't mapped it yet, but I will and post the distance, but it was shorter than Monday's route.

I went out to help a SAR friend plan for a SEBEV exercise in Bracknell forest, which involved running/walking/orienteering. No idea of mileage, out about 2.5 hrs with a pack, great day, good weather

I was helping out SEBEV by hiding on the SAR Tech course. Weather was fantastic and I had fun hiding in the bushes while others tried to find me.

Went for a walk along the river and canal with friends who were visiting. Did about 10 miles. Lovely day.

Monday, 11 February 2013

A new beginning?

This blog was supposed to be a record of my efforts at training for various events, mountain marathons etc... It failed. Partly that is because I just don't blog very often and partly because my training could be said to be sporadic at best. Non-existent would be more accurate over the last 3 months.

However, last week was somewhat of a watershed moment.  I actually got out and did some stuff.  So in the spirit of a record of my efforts, here is a summary of what I got up to last week.

Wed - British Army Orienteering
I took part in the Military League South army O event last Wednesday.  I am pretty new to orienteering, but it combines both a physical and metal challenge.  My navigation skills have improved considerably over the last 18 months since joining SEBEV.  I did the light green course, which is about 4.8 km.  Not a huge distance, but the navigation is pretty technical and that level is about right for me given my novice level.  I was pretty pleased with my efforts only going very wrong once and realising it early and back tracking.  It was a busy course, so there were a couple of occasions where nav was just following the queue to the control, but I got round in 42.45 mins.  I finished 7th on the course, just 4 mins off the winners time.  I got a bit tired towards the end, so if I improve my fitness I reckon I could be up there in that category.  My O mate reckons I should move up a category, more distance, more complex, so I guess I will finish further down the rankings if I do. Results here.

Fri - local run
Bouyed by my efforts on Wednesday I went out for a run from home, doing a figure of 8 route mostly alongside the river Thames. I have yet to map it, but I was out for 33 mins, so I reckon it was about 4 or 5 km.  I felt pretty good, and pleased that I had just got out.  Pretty good route on mostly hard surfaces, which given how wet it has been recently is probably a good thing.  It would have required wellies otherwise I reckon.

Sun - local walk
After a unplanned session in the local pub, my wife and I decided a walk was in order.  We had originally planned something more epic as training for our south downs way trip in April, but decided something local and shorter was in order given the late start, horrible weather and wobbly feeling.  However, my estimate of a couple of hours turned into a 4 hour walk.  We headed off upstream along the Thames, before heading inland along the Chilterns Way and circling back round the back of Caversham and heading home.  We didn't take enough food for the trip and the OH got hungry and had a sense of humour failure half way in.  I really need to work on my estimation skills to avoid that again!  Despite the cold and wet it was quite a nice route, shortened at the end so we could get home and dry quicker.  I need to map that as well to find out the distance.

So, not a bad effort to start off my training again.  And while training is great, sometimes just getting out and having fun is better.  So I am going to try and do fund training rather than just slogging around with some distant goal in mind.  Also I think this weekly summary blog is probably better than trying to write something after every session. We will see...

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Alternative commute

Yesterday (Tuesday) I decided that I would run home from work.  I took my kit in with me and changed for the run home, stuffing my pack with the clothes I had been wearing during the day.  This proved to be really good training for the SLMM; my pack was quite full, not really heavy but heavy enough.  From the Museum to Paddington station is 2.46 km which I did in 13:56, including fielding a phone call from the estate agent!  From Reading station home I ran a 6.79 km route in 34:32.  That is a total of 9.25 km in 48:28 which isn't a bad time given I was carrying a pack.  I probably took longer than this as I stopped at Staples to buy ink on the way and didn't time that bit, so it is probably closer to the 60 min mark.  Either way it was a good experience and one I will be repeating again.  It is an easy way to fit in another training session without it taking up time I could use for other stuff.  I can always extend the route at either end to give a longer run in total.

Monday, 7 May 2012

Bank holiday Monday

I went in to work today. It wasn't all bad as I was doing Nature Live rather than proper work, so it was a short and fun day. But still, it was work on a bank holiday. I went out for a run when I got home (4.71 km, 23:53); I am really enjoying being back in the swing of things. I am thinking about running home from the station tomorrow, combining the commute and exercise with a spot of load carrying.  We'll see how that pans out.

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Double session

It's been a busy weekend so far. Yesterday we went for a walk along the coast in Lymington, New Forest, which was windy but lovely. I followed that up with spending a couple of hours out on a search (SEBEV).

However, instead of taking it easy today, I managed to do two lots of training today. First, I went for a swim for an hour and covered 1.5 km in the pool. It felt pretty good, even though my stamina has not improved at all recently.  I need to work on that, but I have no idea how.

This afternoon I decided I would go out for a short run.  I did the usual campus route, but amazingly I clocked a PB for that route, completing the 5.48 km route in 25:22.  Quite where this came from I don't know, but I am very pleased with it.  I think having a good day yesterday and a decent and well earned night's sleep may have contributed though. I am now off to brag to my SLMM training partners!